Thursday, February 14, 2019

19,  Arizona, United States 

I work at a deli and I’ve been there for almost 2 years I like it because the management team is wonderful I am able to grow and work and develop and use my strengths but if I get the help I need I am going to school for special education

My biggest Accomplishment is my Full tuition Scholarship to my local community college. As someone with autism,anxiety and c-ptsd from childhood abuse this was huge. I receive help with school yet I am taking honors classes. I have a 3.49 GPA and work as my peers do even if I am quiet or different. I certainly feel different yet having the Presidential Honors Scholarship means so much to me.

I want those who are not autistic to know about autism:  
I may not make eye contact yet I am still wanting to listen to you. I am very interested in being your friend. I have sensory needs that makes it a challenge for me yet that does not mean I am much different. I appreciate being accepted for who I am.

 I am smarter than you think I am I do not need to be treated like I am special needs but I need to be respected because even though I had autism I can still bring in the smarter with reading body languages than you think I am.

I want to help break the stigma I deal with mental illness along with autism and I want to help a girl understand that I am no I’m a part of society and I want to help in doing that I do not want to be shamed any more I’m tired of that I am really focused on ending the stigma.

Resources that benefited me: 
I would say speech therapy helped me a lot as a young kid because I managed to cope well so that way the autism went under the cracks for years. Currently medications and counseling is helping me the best. Medications are helping me manage anxiety and then I am able to talk with my therapist about what is going on through my life.

I want those who are also autistic to know that:
I would say We are stronger together. It's time for us to use our strengths to educate the neurotypicals that we are capable. I am tired of having people beat us down. I will use my story to help others.

Signs I was autistic: 
My social skills were horrible, I did not have very many friends. I would not wear anything with tags on them. I would also seek sensory input in many different ways that are not considered neurotypical.

I was diagnosed this past December. It made sense. It was a relief to finally understand what was going on after the anxiety and trauma was taken out of my situation. I have also been able to get me help that I was needing for so long.

how do you feel about your diagnosis now: 
I feel the same. It's good to know my diagnosis. I appreciate finally having a clear answer to my challenges.

Not having a diagnosis  made my life very difficult . My mom refused to allow me to get diagnosed. I grew up that I was not important and that this was my fault. Having the diagnosis now is a relief yet i have lot on my plate that I have to manage to cope with.

I am going to school for Special Education and wanting to go to school for a Masters in counseling. I would like to overcome the challenges I have gone through and be an inspiration to others.

I have gone through many challenges and overcome them i graduated from high school I am also trying to get another scholarship I can feel it through right now I never give up I work and I am learning how to self advocate


  1. You are doing an amazing job. I have watched you grow an over come challenges which has me made me so proud. It also gives me hope that my son can do anything as long as he keeps working at it an doesn't give up when it gets challenging...just like you have.

    Very proud of you

    ❤ Britt

  2. im so proud of you!!! you can do anything aslong as you believe in yourself❤️