Friday, February 22, 2019

24, New Zealand

Employment: night shift work I like the people I work with as theirs only two to three of them there they are on the opposite side of the room to me and I've known them for a long time and they understand me and they are a little different in their own way so we get along but I don't like the work but it's ok something to do I guess

One of things I’m most proud of is working full time & managing to do things like this, with the autism community. I like to give back by sharing my experience in hopes it can help others in some way.

I might be very cold and analytical with people I don't know but I'm actually extremely childish and emotional with people I do know

I wish those who are not autistic knew that for some people like me & a few others I know who are autistic, when having a meltdown- we don’t like to be touched or talk too. What works for us is a dimly lit room & sometimes a weighted blanket. I also would like them to know we autistics tend to be very literal we often comment on things we notice, and we mean it as simply a neutral comment not an option so maybe just think about it before getting all aggressive about it

I would like to change the world by making everyone less aggressive.  People don't use the exact right words & then get upset at others for misinterpreting them, which really frustrates me.

Speech therapy was very helpful but managing my sensory issues has been most effective. Sensory bracelets and sensory clothing have been amazing to limit meltdowns and anxiety for me & my daughter who is also autistic.

I want those who are autistic to know that autism is a gift. It’s a gift because the way we see the world means we notice things that another miss out on. Our obsessive behavior is an amazing way to learn new things and skills at a very quick rate and often well before we would normally learn them! The sensory system although problematic can be used to our advantage just being different from everyone else is an amazing thing. it is a gift to embrace! if someone doesn't like that you are autistic then they are not worth your time. Yes, you will have trouble with things but as you understand your triggers and what works for you it gets easier! The amazing parts of autism increase as you learn how to control the not so good ones! Therefore, be proud! Don’t try to fit in with them as you are different and that's an amazing thing!

To be honest, I wasn't as a pro-autistic when I first got my diagnosis. It took a while to realize that my & everyone’s autism is a gift. I felt bad that I felt that way as I had a few autistic friends. My only friends really, and I was always telling them how amazing it was that they were autistic. I think I got caught up in what those who are not autistic were saying of how it’s not a good thing. I had a similar conversation with a friend that got their diagnosis before me and how they hated the news of being autistic. I was able to get them to see it as a gift, so I really don't know why when I got my diagnosis, I was down about it. Over time, I have embraced & seen it as a gift for me, my daughter & everyone else who is autistic or thinks they might be.

Signs that showed I was autistic: the way I talked to people the fact that I always got along with other autistic people I understood what they were feeling and why they never had the same problems they normally had with non-autistic people. I never liked to change I was more sensitive to the world around me then most and a few other things that most I found out after my diagnosis.

When I was first diagnosed, I felt: a mix of shock disbelieve at first, but I think I kind of knew already deep down

Today how I feel about my diagnosis: I'm excited about it as it explains so much I guess I just thought everyone was like me and just knowing helped me to try new things I'm very pro-autistic knowing I'm different has made me a more positive happy and friendly person so it's by far the best thing I've ever found out about myself.

 Not having Diagnosis for a long was very treacherous. School was a nightmare I hated every second and even though I am quite smart. I didn't actually achieve much mostly just faded in to the background hoping to go unnoticed.

Obstacles I face:  I have trouble with communicating with non-autistic people, so I read all about how people interact and got really into psychology that helped me understand people better. I also use my analytical mind to try understanding what's going on and why it been very helpful for understanding non-autistic people and why they don't understand us

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