Sunday, February 17, 2019

33 years old, Wisconsin

in my opinion my biggest accomplishment thus far is Getting a 4.0 GPA in college
I wish those who were not autistic knew that autism isn't something I can simply turn on or off & isnt something made up to excuse my actions
I didn't receive any therapy as a child. However, I was removed from the classroom during test in high school so that I could have them read to me.
I want to tell other people who are also autistic: Don't be afraid to be a little "weird" since some of the best people are

Signs that helped indicate I am autistic are: I had several repetitive behaviors that I would do when upset, I totally shutdown if things become to overwhelming & I've always had a unique fascination with books
When i first received my diagnosis I felt surprised because I wondered how/why my parents & pediatrician missed it while I was growing up.
Today I don't feel like such an odd ball because I know there are other people like me
Life was a bit difficult for me because I didn't have a diagnosis. , in school teachers misunderstood my lack of social skills & struggles to grasp abstract concepts as me simply not applying myself or not caring about my future. This caused me to be quite depressed which lead to multiple misdiagnoses for an assortment of mental health issues.

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