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Society acts like adolescents & adults on the spectrum don’t exist, that we just grow out of it or something. & for us adolescents/adults we usually feel really lonely like others our age don’t exist. Research claims that 1 out of every 59 people are autistic but where are the adults/teenagers? It’s fairly anonymous the most we ask that are personal of any sort of identification are :

1. Age (to show that it’s not an age limit)

2. General vicinity ( you could say Texas, or be even more vague by just saying the country such as the United States) to show that we are everywhere

3. We ask for a photo representation of oneself. This doesn’t necessarily mean a selfie. It can also be a family pet, a drawing, a thing that interests them or whatever. The purpose is to show visually a representation of a person’s inner personality.

Common Questions

Can I be Anonymous? Yes
You will be anonymous unless you request not to be. I will only list your identity if you ask me too.

Where is my Story going to exactly?
This will only be here in the facebookpage: & If someone would want this to be in a book or research study I will let you & other participants know so they can choose to back out or not. This is your story, you have every right to know what’s going on. I have a list of all my previous participants marked down so I can contact them again with any sort of updates. I'm a person who tries to keep my word as the best as I possibly can. I understand this can sound intimidating and putting yourself in a vulnerable position, that's why I try my best to not disappoint anyone. I am proud to say I haven't disappointed anyone as of yet when it comes to sharing their story.

Are you making any money off of this? If so, How? 
The answer is no. I just talk to others on my free time. I make $0 money off of this. If I were to ever make money off of it I would like to give sizable portions to all that participated because I couldn’t do this without you

How do I Sign up?

send a email to

What Happens if I sign up?

Step 1
Allison will introduce herself to you, and explain the process in more thorough details but a brief summary is once she explains the project in thorough detail & the process she will then ask if you are okay with this & if you have any questions or suggestions.

Step 2: if you disagree or no longer want to participate Allison will respect your wishes & will leave you alone. If you want to continue the journey Allison will give you a consent form for you to sign. The purpose of the consent form is to say you agree that you want to share your story and you were not forced to do so. It also says you were in formed of the project and agree to the terms without being coerced with 0 knowledge of the Project beforehand. This is just so I, Allison, will not be sued for sharing your story.

Step 3: Once the consent form is signed, Allison will explain how to share your story. We have a questionnaire you can fill out as a road map, however you can choose not to answer those questions and go off talking about whatever you want instead. the purpose of the road map is because if someone approached me & said “you can share your life story! The world is listening. I’m going to go “well.. what does the world want to know? Anything specific? I have 29 years of life..” that’s why I created the questionnaire as a road map

Step 4: Once you share your story & give a photo of some kind, Allison will write you down in her list of people's stories she needs to publish in the order she receives them to be fair to the others who have been waiting. It usually takes 7 days or less for her to post your story. She tries to post 1-2 stories a day. She will contact you directly minutes after she publishes your story in order for you to be able to follow it.

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