Monday, February 25, 2019

I am 22 years old however I also have Dissociative Identity disorder so some of my alters are ages 4 to 40.

I am from Finland.

In my opinion one of my biggest accomplishments is 3 years of university studies.

I want others who are not autistic to know that autism is also a strength, not a deficit or a disorder. That we bring great abilities to humanity, even if we don't have widely recognized accomplishments.

One of the resources that really helped me was Occupational therapy as a child, and especially trauma therapy as an adult with a therapist who is also a trained neuropsychiatric coach and has neurodiverse children. Definitely resources and peer support I found online.

I want others who are autistic to know to find a supportive environment where you can thrive, and pursue your passion without having to mask and fight your brain.

As a child my mum told doctors I had received a high score in an online autism test and that she suspected I was autistic, but it was never investigated further. At 14, my parents told me I'm autistic but I was in denial until about 18 when I got to know other autistic people and really related to them.

Some of the signs that people suspected that I have autism is that I had a lot of health problems that baffled and concerned doctors, and my motor skill problems were much more obvious. I also had no problems communicating with adults, simply seemed more mature and intelligent for my age.

Some of the barriers I faced on getting a diagnosis was my referral to screening was denied, because apparently 10 years of neurologist appointments would have picked it up, even though they were entirely focused on my sleep apnea, coordination and low muscle tone. I did receive a diagnosis of ADHD from my university psychiatrist in early 2018

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