Thursday, February 14, 2019

Well, I'm 50, male, and live in Bendigo, central Victoria, Australia. 

What’s my biggest accomplishment?  That's a good question, not because there aren't any, but more the opposite, combined with my non linear ways of thinking which makes it very difficult to rank anything.

But some examples include my recent 10 medals from 14 track and field events at the 2018 Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games.  I've also contributed to amateur radio technology - some of the infrastructure for Internet linked systems runs on designs I worked on in 2005 and 2009.

I've spoken at autism conferences on different subjects.  That's to name a few. 🙂

I wish those who were not autistic knew How to include and accommodate autistic people in a genuine way.

As for resources, the two that stand out were exercise, which has helped in countless ways.  That's a whole subject in itself.  

The other was a 12 step mental health support group, which gave me a lot of simple tools for dealing with unexpected life situations and general mental health.  The combination of these strategies and exercise have practically eliminated depression and keep anxiety manageable without any medication.  I joke that I take large doses of "iron" (weights in the gym) and "speed" - (track sprints) for mental health.

What I want to tell those who are autistic are So many positive messages.  Firstly, we are all so different, with our own interests and abilities, as well as challenges.  Newly diagnosed autistic are not alone.

I also want to let autistic know that despite the bad experiences of many, there's some form of exercise/active living for just about everyone.  It doesn't have to be formal sport - walking, jogging, gym, swimming, or even active kids games, laser skirmish, or whatever.  Just get moving!  It's good for the body, but also the head. 🙂

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