Tuesday, March 5, 2019

18, Arizona I’m in school I’m trans/non-binary (use they/them pronouns)

My biggest accomplishment thus far is: Keeping my volunteer job at an animal shelter for a year
I want to be an occupational therapist so I can help kids and adults on the spectrum to regulate sensory needs and learn purposeful motor skills.
I want those who are not autistic to understand: It isn’t something wrong with me. My brain is wired differently, not broken. Don’t force us to conform, we already live in your world. Also, ABA therapy is abusive and permanently stunts our interests and talents.

I want those who are also autistic to know: Love yourself as you are you are special, unique, beautiful, and creative. You aren’t broken and you don’t need a cure.
resources that benefited me: Occupational therapy, counseling, online support groups, testing accommodations, and my service dog in training. From the day I was born my mom says I was an anxious baby. I used to repeat phrases, line up my toys, and I still only talk and think about one subject for months on end. I have many sensory issues, poor fine motor skills, and balance issues.
when i was first diagnosed. I was angry. Angry at my mom and my pediatricians and the world. Today, I am proud to be autistic.
I wish I had been diagnosed younger. Not having a diagnosis meant struggling for years with no support and always feeling worthless when I couldn’t do what my peers were doing.

. Mental illness has been a huge obstacle as has been abuse. I’ve spent two extended periods in mental hospitals, taken dozens of medications, and spent a chunk of my life in counseling. When ever I told anyone about the abuse I was called a liar and bullied. I have also struggled with my sexuality and gender identity. Although I am biologically female, I’ve never experienced the world as a girl. I have always known that assignment was wrong. I am a non-binary trans masculine demi guy. This means I identify closer to male than female, but not completely male. I’ve always liked girls. I started liking guys and non-binary people near the end of middle school. I identify as pansexual demiromantic. This means that gender identity and sex don’t effect the people I’m attracted to, but I need a stronger emotional connection then most to be romantically interested.

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