Sunday, March 31, 2019

22, UK

I'm currently on ESA. My support workers are trying to get me sheltered employment now I've been officially diagnosed.

one of my more quirkiest fascinations was being tickled and tickling others. I didn't like being touched other than tickling. When my feet were tickled, I would relax (and giggle lol). This carried on until I was about 16. I still like being tickled now but it's no longer a big fascination.

I want the world to become more aware of hidden disabilities like Autism including lessons about them in schools. This would hopefully make less kids (or their parents) 'scared' about making friends with someone with disabilities 🤞

I’m most proud of Completing and releasing my book called Relate. You can find it on Amazon!

I wish that neurotypicals knew- although people with Autism struggle, they try their best every day. Everyone is different but the main thing I struggle with is changes, no matter what the size. It can be slightly easier if preplanned and we work up to it.

The supports I currently get is off the Connexions service. The connexions service is a children's and young people's services ran by Hull City Council. It's main focus is getting clients into employment, education or training but they mainly support me in other ways like emotional and moral support 🙂 CatZero as a support network! 😃☺

Other than that my family and friends have been great! 🙂

I want those who are also autistic to never change yourself for anyone. The right friends will find you and like you for you. You are perfect.

Some of the signs that I & others noticed in which we believe I’m autistic is that
I have always been 'different' and 'Quirky'. When I was younger I used to have really bad meltdowns over small things. I have to have food and clothes from specific places and can't adapt to changes easily, especially if I am not notified beforehand.

I have been officially diagnosed within a few months ago! I was 'assessed' in the early 2000’s for autism but the assessor said that I couldn't be autistic as I had played with a toy teapot 😞 During this meeting, I also bit the assessors hand when he shook a jar, Hid his keys and more. This was around the year 2000 where I believe Autism wasn't as heard of. There is, however, no record of this assessment on my NHS files.

Some of the barriers I’m facing on receiving a diagnosis is the length of the waiting list and knowledge is certainly one. The GP had to ask around on how to start the process. Also naturally, although I haven't been cured, I have learnt coping strageties so it isn't as noticable as it was when I was 4 or 5. I was statemented at school for Emotional Behavioural Difficulties (EBD).

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