Saturday, March 16, 2019

23, North Dakota
Not that it's surprising but I have a really good mastery of vocals and can imitate voices really well within certain ranges. Biggest accomplishment I'd say is having as many friends as I do. Growing up, I was in a small school and didn't get along very well when I started growing up, it seems everyone was changing and I didn't really understand why because I didn't really have any friends, so I didn't really grow up with them in a way. In a way I never really did, I just got older. A little more knowledgeable. I was always an outcast of sorts being in a small town, you get used to being alone but I had cats so that helped. I never really understood autism/ aspergers growing up, nobody could really explain it to me either even though I was diagnosed at age 4. I just noticed after awhile that I had regular appointments with a psychologist and the other kids well. Didn't. So I always felt out of place for a lot of reasons. As an adult I'm very fluid in my behaviours, most people write me off as just weird unless they catch the few moments between my reactions that let's on that much of my behavior is controlled rather than natural. The hardest part so far has really just been connection, just being able to have people around and not be treated differently because of who I am but at the same time realizing it is actually necessary to approach me differently than other people so it's a tough mental struggle. If you know you're on the spectrum and want to help yourself understand not only yourself and others, take a few classes in psychology and sociology as soon as you're able. Taking those classes were immensely helpful even though I had only taken them the last year of high school, I wished I'd taken them all 4 years if I could.

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