Saturday, March 16, 2019

36, Washington
I believe my biggest accomplishment in life so far is my 7 Beautiful children. For of whom are diagnosed ASD. I believe they have given me so much in life more than I could ever do alone.

Something I wish others knew about autism is that we all have the a lot of the same problems and processing issues no matter how well we handle it on the outside or if we do not.

My children and I are all severe though high functioning it’s really frustrating to hear you don’t look autistic or you don’t act like it. Being treated like we have some strange disease doesn’t feel very good. I wish others understood our breaking are just different.

I haven’t received personal services for myself yet as I was just diagnosed. Though my children have had some access. Though not much I would have to say that occupational therapy has probably been the best for us so far.
Five of my children are ASD. How I realized it is actually kind of a sad story.

I’m honestly not real sure what exactly made me realize I had it for sure other then all that time has to think and somehow just realized we had all this in common because I am like them.

Now that I’m 36 and have finally learned everything I have I know all the behavior and quirks my children have is their ASD.

And that the big reason I understand them on the level I do is more then just being their mother it’s also because I am ASD. I relate to them on a higher level because I am their mother and I am ASD. It took me another year but it lead me to the psychiatrist from the UW. I received my official diagnosis is July. It made me cry but it was also a relief. It explains so many things in my life form the time I was a child til now. I always thought I was just a failure and that I was weird now I know different and I am trying to track my children it’s okay to be who they are.

And as for my kids they are all very different form each other but the same at the same time they do a lot of the same things but hey they are different.

My oldest son and my third son are so much alike it’s almost like watching the same kid twice. They both have pretty classics behaviors of autism from the no eye contact to select mutism and SPD issues. They both like to be secure in right small spaces and in blankets and stuff they both like to surround themselves with their personal stuff to.

My second son is more of the semi robotic talking little professor type. He loves statistics and reading books like Guinness world records books. He loves numbers can do complicated math problems in his head and counted to one million by the time he was five. Theses things also give him comfort he likes puzzles to .He’s also really funny with out trying and doesn’t quite realize how funny he is.

Then we have my daughter she is emotional and very withdrawn at times but has a lot of love. She’s like to touch and have cuddles. Like her brothers she doesn’t have a lot of understanding of the why’s when I can’t do things for her and her frustrations used to come out in head banging and biting and other self harm.

That leaves my youngest son he is very high strung and rough he has to have a lot of rough play. He is also very smart. He can get out of any space even with baby locks . He can open most doors hat 19 months this is pretty ahead. He is like his sister though does not like to talk pretty quiet unless he’s yelling. He also self harms head banging and such especially on me. He bites if he doesn’t have a binky.

Which leads to my oldest daughter who I’m it sure what we are doing with her yet but we also think she may be ASD but her story is closer to nine she was always ahead developmentally and did everything early mike stone wise partly why I believed we missed it with her she didn’t show problems til Middle school and his style we thought it was hormones but she’s almost 17 now. And we know more about autism and women we will hopefully be getting her evaluated soon.

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