Sunday, March 10, 2019

67 Half Danish, half Englsih, born in Denmark, always lived in England, currently in Banbury, Oxfordshire

I was diagnosed with autism at age 65.

Singing teaching is what I am employed as. I love it.

Interviewer: What’s something someone might be surprised to know about you? 

How can I know what would surprise people?

My biggest accomplishment thus far is being able to turn my interest, singing, into a career, performing and teaching.

I don’t want to change me, but some aspects could use developing in the world. The world could do without bullies.

To those not autistic, I want you to understand: We try very hard at relationships, even if it’s not obvious

Fun fact about me: I still believe what I’m told, for the first few seconds. That’s not funny, it’s dangerous.

I want to tell fellow autistics: United we stand, and we should make our voices heard.

Signs/ symptoms that I was autistic was what I heard or read about double empathy

An enormous relief when I was diagnosed. I was only diagnosed 2 years ago.

Today how I feel about my autism is:Still relieved, but aware that the people I tell me have mixed or altered feelings about me.

I didn’t fall victim to the disability/defect/broken thinking and language which was current earlier on. Genuinme help wasn’t available. If it had been, social training, that would have been good. So I had difficulties. But I was also spared a lot of mistaken crap.

  Obstacles I have overcame: The social stuff. Perseverance and resilience. Determination. Relationships were not easy.

If you are not professionally diagnosed as of yet

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