Sunday, March 10, 2019

Age 64. Live in Portland, OR

Worked as a pharmacist, on and off, for 37 years. Liked it for about 6 years. After that, bored. Also, had a child at age 38, and raised him. Being a single Mom, working and raising a child with undiagnosed ASD was very hard.

I am  Done "changing the world". Was into social justice extensively in my 20's and 30' (fund raising for politicians;, environmental causes. Volunteer work)
11 years at Al-Anon told me the only person I can change is myself.
Now I'm a meditation teacher :)

I want who are not autistic to know about autism:  To respect the strengths and not be offended by the limitations: (social communication, black and white thinking, detail orientation, special interests). 
You can google the strengths of women with ASD. There are many. They are generally overlooked.
I also wish the general public understood the differences between how ASD manifests in women and men. I studied cognitive neuroscience and it's one of my special interests. IMHO, it manifests very differently in women than men :)

To those who are also autistic:  Focus on the strengths. Consider alternate theories of ASD, such as the Intense World and/or the Polygonal theory.

 Due to late diagnosis, self taught. Resources: meeting a woman at an adult meet up and befriending her. 2012. We could compare our habits, and laugh about them :) She moved away in 2014. Finally found a therapist who understands adult women late diagnosis ASD, who accepts Medicare less than 2 months ago. We are sailing along :)

Today I feel about my diagnosis: Learning to emotionally self-regulate, due to one on one therapy with a woman who  understands autism. Too early to answer a question about how I feel. In a transition.

Not having a diagnosis until much later in life was very difficult. Too long of a story to go into. Lots of criticism, rejection, both interpersonally and in the workplace. Still healing from the PTSD of late diagnosis.

.I focus on the present moment now. I've been in meditation teacher training for over 2 years. The past is over.

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