Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Age is 35 and I’m from south Hampton

My biggest achievement is my kids as they also have health issues so dealing with that to and, I have just started going to the gym so that’s massive to me as well

Would like neurotypicals to understand what a meltdown is and that sometimes socializing just gets too much and that they aren’t naughty they are having a meltdown

No resources helped really as I didn’t have any help sadly. I was just diagnosed 3 months ago.

What I want others who are autistic you may have autism, but autism doesn’t have you

As I said earlier, I have been diagnosed less than a year ago, the reason I suspected I may have autism was my sons’ school that notice I showed a lot of signs of it such as needing routine. I also have chromosome deletion 22q deletion.

When I first received my autism diagnosis, I felt kind of like a weight lifted as realized there was a reason to the way I was but I kind of knew. I just needed that diagnosis relief is what I felt most.

How I feel about my diagnosis now is more of the fact that now I know the reason. if I can’t cope with something I know why, so it’s been kind of easier knowing I have autism.

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