Saturday, March 16, 2019

Briahna Joy Mason
23 years old.
Michigan, USA

In my opinion some of my biggest accomplishments are Being married and raising a little family while starting a novel based on my upbringing as an autistic young woman.

I wish NT's would know that Autism is also in women and that it makes her more emotionally sensitive and empathetic rather than crazy like many people think when they see her. It's also important to know the ASD people are still loving and supportive as parents; even when they have challenges.

Resources that I have are a church that gives me free talk therapy and resources for the low-income. I had a therapist when I was younger. I also have my son enrolled in free daycare for poor children and those with disabled parents. My husband is also very supportive of me.

To those who are also autistic I would like to say that no matter how weird I act or how much my society marginalizes me, I have a wonderful life to live and I make it my responsibility to give it my all every day to provide for myself, my family, and to enjoy this only life I have to the best I can. Whatever accomplishments I make; I'll celebrate and not use my contributions to society as a way to apologize for my autism but instead accept it. I also want to say that ASD has motivated me to be the life of a very small party who is also assertive, go-getting, and a woman who looks beyond her self to see a bigger picture.

Signs that showed I was autistic that got me diagnosed: When I was young I would walk on my tip toes and squeeze my hands in a stim. I'd also have tantrums in the first grade. Now as a woman, I occasionally get shy, tongue-tied, or too chipper when I interact.

How did I feel about getting diagnosed? I was four-so I did not feel anything about it until High School when I was trying to social mask for approval. That was a rough patch for me in my life, because my culture says if I can "fake it", I can make it.

Today I feel about my diagnosis is Knowing about it has good and bad to everything. It's good because I'm accomplished and self-aware so I can advocate for myself. But bad when I attempt to advocate possibly ignorant people like peers, social work, or even worse-the police; especially since I'm a parent.

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