Saturday, March 16, 2019

I am a 21 year old from Alabama.

I am currently a freelance visual artist. I enjoy it very much, because I can
make money doing what I’ve always loved. My biggest accomplishment so
far would be the fact that my work has been shared all over the world. It
has been featured on websites such as Metro and The Guardian, and is
making an impact.

I wish neurotypicals knew that autism is complex. One definition can not
truly fit every single autistic person. Everyone in this community is different.
It's a spectrum full of individuals that can do more than people realize.
Once they start realizing this, I hope that they'll see what we are truly
capable of. I want the other people on the spectrum to know that they are
allowed to be themselves. That it’s okay to stim in public; and to have odd
special interests; and that they don’t have to try to mask to fit in.
Receiving the diagnosis was actually a huge relief for me. Going 20 years
without knowing that I am autistic is a challenge. Before I was aware of this,
I didn’t know much about social cues or how to make friends easily. I didn’t
know to “read between the lines”, so to speak. I now know that autism is a
part of me that can’t be separated. I still have my setbacks, and I know my
limits; but I now know that they weren’t completely my fault. I also have
started learning that I can use the positive attributes of being autistic and
form something good out of that.

When I learned about my autism, there weren’t many things out there that I
could use to help me understand how to cope and figure out how to go
about my day-to-day life now knowing this about myself. I wanted to create
a spot where people who were either also on the spectrum or trying to
figure that out could have something they could relate to, in a visual sense
(since the majority of us are known to be visual thinkers). That’s why I
started my Instagram page @TheAutistArtist. My goal with it is to also help
show neurotypicals that autism isn’t what they commonly think it is. They
think that autistic people aren’t able to do stuff like that most of the time; but

I want to prove them wrong. I want to show what our perspective on life is

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