Sunday, March 31, 2019

I am 22 and I am from the United States

 In my opinion my biggest accomplishment thus far is I graduated high school which I was not even sure was going to happen, not because I skipped school or had bad grades or anything. School in general was just a struggle. I wasn’t exactly social or anything. I was harassed in inappropriate ways. When I was first in school Kindergarten through 2nd grade it was hard because I seemed to always get teachers that yelled a lot and when I get yelled at, I just completely shut down. I had trouble asking for help. They embarrassed me if I needed something explained again just in a different way. The teachers never ever took the time to understand me. They just wanted to get mad at me and say I was not a good student or call my parents. I refused to finish my work often or even just start it at all because even though I would write help me on the paper and then just sit there with my head down. It was written in my IEP that if I felt like I needed a break I could leave the classroom and just step away for a few minutes, but I would still get yelled at and everything. It was a hard battle for my parents. I switched schools after that for 3rd through 5th grade which was a bit of nice change because it was a school for other people like me but after 5th grade I went to a different school because it wasn’t working for me anymore. It was just a public school. After 8th grade I was switched back into the school system that I had started with in the first place. 9th through 12th grade. I got the help and everything I needed. I had incredible teachers and everything although there were a few that didn’t quite seem to understand how to handle a student like me. Math was my favorite class even though I hated math and still do but I had the best teacher for that. It was a small group of kids and I was the only girl which I preferred anyways but it was just awesome. She made math fun for us all. I had a lot of great teachers. The other students would give me the most trouble. I felt like they were jealous of me because I got to take a break from the class if I needed to. I never used my locker, so I always had my bags with me even though it wasn’t really allowed to be able to carry bags like I did. I had several doctors of mine sign off that’s what is best for me, so it worked.  School was overall just a struggle for me for the most part so that is a huge achievement for me.

I want those who are not autistic to know that Autism is not a disability it’s just a different ability

I was diagnosed when I was 6 so I don’t really remember.

I feel quite a bit better knowing that I do have a form of Autism. I have always been autistic, but I never really figured out until I was in 7th grade that I was indeed autistic. I was supposed to pick a topic for a research project for one of my classes and I was having trouble choosing a topic my teacher said that I could do something about Autism if I would like as the topic was supposed to be about medical stuff. I was confused as to why she said that because I was never really told I had autism. I mean I knew something was different about me because I was in occupational therapy, and I always had a lot of other appointments to get the help I needed. Well I was younger, and it never occurred to me because that was just the normal schedule for me. I said to my teacher why would I choose autism!? She said that she just thought since I had it that I might want to educate people about it. I did talk to my mom about it and she said that I did have it. So of course, now that I know it all makes sense to me. I did a great job writing about it and presenting it to the class.

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