Sunday, March 31, 2019

I am 62 years old and diagnosed privately by an Autism specialist about 3 years ago.

I have tried to get diagnosed with the NHS but was just sent to an awful old fashioned highly prejudiced general psychiatrist who quickly said that she thought that too many people were getting diagnosed who aren't Autistic. She has continued to block a proper diagnosis with the NHS since then as she is head of psychiatric services here (Newark, Notts UK)                                                  I

I have a smallholding with sheep, goats, cattle, horses and rare breed poultry and work as a relief milker on a nearby dairy farm. I generally like my work as I find animals much easier to understand than humans.

I would love to see a proper socialist government in this country as the Tory party are destroying it and creating such a hostile environment for so many people, which I suppose is a policy of divide and rule.

I wish that NTs knew more about Autism but can't see it happening as even in the medical profession there is so much ignorance.

As I have a private diagnosis, I haven't been offered any resources. I first realized that I was different in secondary school. I had moved to the school with several friends from junior school, but they soon disowned and avoided me which I found absolutely devastating as I was unable to make new friends. I now realize that I hadn't realized that the rules had changed so and had missed all the cues. So school was a miserable time and place for me.

My first inklings that I could be Autistic came from reading a family health book where the description of Autism and Asperger’s did seem to describe me in many ways. I didn't start using a computer until about 8 years ago and sometime after that started researching Autism. Then I joined fb and joined Autism groups and the more I read the more certain I became that I am Autistic.

Being diagnosed was a great relief as at last I had one reason why I am like I am and why I have so many oddities.

I think that not having a diagnosis has probably not helped me in many ways. It would have been helpful to know more about how people communicate and would maybe have meant that I wouldn't have been so naive.

I was married for about 9 years to a man who I now know is a narcissistic abuser and we have a NT daughter who is nearly 25 (she has also been abused by him as she is his scapegoat child -he had another daughter from his first marriage).I think that dealing with people has always been the biggest problem in my life.

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