Saturday, March 16, 2019

I'm 21 and from Finland.

I can't say I've accomplished anything special during my lifetime.
I wish people would be more understanding, especially in the hospital field. I also have ADHD and OCD, so life can get pretty hard without help. We ND's (Neurodivergent/autistic) are not weird, just quirky.
I wish people would be more honest to each other, and to themselves.

I was diagnosed at 20, autism and ADHD, but I think the first time I googled autism was when I was 15. I remember talking about it to my friend and making lists about me and my dad's behaviour. I'm thankful I realized this. I was so happy to know why I thought I was odd or out of place. I'm not.

I haven't found anything that would help me. However the thing that gives me comfort is having a social network for autists on Facebook. I know I'm not alone.

Please, don't be afraid to get help, whether you are ND (Neurodivergent/autistic) or not! Everyone should have someone to talk to.

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