Saturday, March 16, 2019

(Me with my older sister, shes disabled and handicapped. I grew up practically raising my sisters)

19, Canada
I'm currently trying to get on disability and find a job
People would be surprised to learn that i have mental disorders that effect me everyday
my biggest accomplishment thus far is
That i graduated high school or i hiked a mountain with my physical issues ( Born flat footed, weak ankles, i walk kind of crooked. Scoliosis, left leg half inch shorter than my right leg making my hips, ribs, shoulders and shoulder blades slightly out of place.)
I want to help change the world with anything i can and to show more kindness.
I want those who are not autistic to know that we're all different and to stop stereotyping us. its because some don't consider me autistic for example i'm not non verbal or don't do things a certain way like their kids do or something of the sort

I wasn't diagnosed until recently. I had speech therapy done as a kid. I was diagnosed about a month ago when a psychologist went to talk to me and did tests on me to see what i do have. To me i've always just been me but i don't know what I'm doing that might be considered wrong

I want those who are also autistic to know: You might be different but that's perfectly ok, it makes each of us unique and theirs nothing wrong with that.

Signs that had people suspect I am autistic: Im not good at anything socially, not good at social cues, talking over others. My dad noticed i shared some similarities with my autistic friend.
When I first received my diagnosis I felt A bit scary since i didn't know what to do with the information but also relieved
Today I feel Like i know a bit more about myself. Just because i have autism doesn't make me any less of a human being and learning to accept that
not having a diagnosis until recently has been difficult because i never got help for it and i don't know what i'm doing that makes people uncomfortable about me. Socially i might say something rude but i don't think i am. My friends help me to remind me to wait before i start talking or they'll let me get it out of my system
Obstacles I have overcome: I was sexually molested as a child at ages 3-4 by my great uncle and im still recovering and got PTSD from that and abusive boyfriends. Was diagnosed with a depressive disorder and anxiety as a young teen, just got diagnosed for ADHD. I felt through one day at a time. I attempted suicide at 14 years old, got through it. In the psych ward at 18 for suicidal ideation and was in there for 14 days. Getting through school even if i didn't even want to get out of bed. Ive gotten through all the hard stages with the help of my best friends and family. Taking my time and just one step at a time

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