Sunday, April 7, 2019

16, from the highlands of Scotland.

My biggest accomplishment physically, was performing at the Edinburgh fringe festival, a chance that very few people get. Personally, it’s getting a part time job I have always been worried I would find a job impossible to keep up, but I’ve found a friendly place that I love to work at!

I want the general public to know about autism is that we exist over the age of ten, that we are hardly ever the stony-faced fact machine we're painted as and that being trained to "fit in", i.e., repress our autistic nature isn't progress, it’s very harmful in many ways!

One of the most helpful resources was in all honesty, my drama and singing training! It’s something I would recommend to any autistic person, even if they have no ambition to act. Not only is it an excuse to be silly and have fun, it can really help with understanding emotions, body language and interactions

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