Sunday, April 14, 2019

32, Iowa, USA

I’m most proud of myself for becoming a Special Olympics Global Messenger. 

I want people who are not autistic to know that we are intelligent and can do pretty much everything non autistic people can do.

Resources that have really helped me are Speech therapy, Special Olympics, and support from my mom.

Some of my special quirks are Not having the best eye contact and occasionally speaking louder even when not shouting.

I feel great about my autism now compared to when I was a kid.

My feelings towards autism really changed in high school. I became far more social with my peers, particularly the girls, than ever before. That helped shape the basis of my personality that I am known for today.

I like the fact my autism makes me different than most other people in ways my friends can truly appreciate. One specific example is how most of my female friends are looking simply for friendship and not for relationships. They appreciate I bring them a breath of fresh air in this regard. In short; I think from a woman's perspective.

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