Thursday, April 11, 2019

42 Geelong, Victoria, Australia 

Raising my kids is probably my biggest accomplishment thus far 

I want those who are not autistic to know That we don’t lack empathy, we don’t experience life nor process information in the same way they do and that’s actually okay.. we are not something broken to be fixed

My resources are Just people who understand and love me the way I am

I want to tell those who are also autistic: You are not broken

I don’t understand the neurotypical world, I’m incredibly literal, direct and honest.

When I first got diagnosed I felt: Elation, sadness, grief and relief

Not having the diagnosis for a long time made my life more difficult. I’ve had to try and function in the neurotypical work world in order to provide for my kids and work more than my brain can readily cope with which has impacted adversely on my quality of life

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