Sunday, April 14, 2019

currently live in Portland Oregon.

I am Happily married for 20 years. Got an MFA in theatre. Started a Shakespeare Company

I wish those who are not autistic knew understood that it's just a different way of being - not necessarily a wrong one. It's like being left-handed.

Resources that benefitted me: Social media, support groups, Sarah Hendrickx videos and books.

I want those who are autistic to know: It's ok to not fit in. There is no such thing as a creative conformist. Don't be afraid to start your own business. NTs make it sound like the worst thing ever, but it's not at all hard for people who enjoy working on their own, and like to organize their day logically.

What me realize I was autistic was that I saw a post from a FB friend about autism and women and recognized myself. It was quite the shock at my age!

I haven't got an official one but don't think I need it. I felt all the feelings (sad, relieved, happy, confused) and still do.
It was just a couple months ago so I'm still processing. I so wish I had known earlier. It's heartbreaking really. I would have been much less confused. I would have avoided or gotten out of toxic situations much earlier. I would have been a better mother, I would not have walked around asking” why why why “in my head for decades.

I saw this quote "Does she reaaaaallllly love animals; love to draw/doodle/create repetitive designs/love anime art; love graphic novels; have difficulty falling asleep at night; have issues with food; have a lot of anxiety around school (even if she’s a brilliant and successful student); have a hard time getting it together in the morning? Then she may be Autistic!"

Nobody had any clue in the 1960s. I think that’s the reason I wasn’t diagnosed as a child

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