Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hi. My name is Amy Nichole Sisk, and I'm from Frankfort, KY inside the United States self dxd PDA Autie

Actually, I'm unemployed at the moment. I succumbed to "burn-out" and abandoned my job of 11 years, and having worked all my life. Actively, appealing for disability
benefits. Once, I win, I will heal, and find the PROPER coping techniques to address my INBORN anxiety, sensory issues, executive function issues, you know, relearn everything with the PROPER CONTEXT, I want to start a business. I have an autotelic and auto-didact personality traits (INTP), love DIY and am very artistic. I'm very sensitive to
smells and they have long been used to ground me. I want to start making candles, atmosphere sprays, and wax melts along with bath and body products such as soap, lotion,
shampoo, lip balms, etc... I want to employ others like me, if I were to be blessed enough to grow larger than myself. I further want to start a new education spaces for the divergent
population on the basis of acceptance and inclusion alowing maximum flexibility and comfort

Random story about myself:
I ran away from home (NOT adovocating for running away), unfortunately I was down to only two available options at that specific point in time. I also suffer from
chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, sacroiliac pain, and a whole host of other symptoms, such as PMDD and Post Tubal ligagtion syndrome, actually undergoing diagnostics to rule
in or out autoimmune/metabolic syndromes. I'm very weak at the moment and was why I quit work. I've been labeled a melodramatic, hypochondriac, also collecting the incorrect
labels of bi-polar and borderline personality disorders. I am highly intelligent but lack the ability to get my brains and my words to effectively communicate, I have
executive function issues, due to ADHD, OCD, and C-PTSD. Feeling attacked by friends and family, feeling like a burden I had become very "idealistic" but felt compelled
to fight so my kids will NOT have to suffer in silence. So I hoped a plane and was on my way to starting all over in a place that I didn't already come pre-labeled.
I was going to heal, start my business, and COME BACK for my kids. I actually made a statement so shockingly loud enough for my SO of 16 years to hear, and FINALLY he saw ME,
for who I am and have always been. Things aren't perfect, we're both growing and learning everyday. I'm so glad I came back.

My bigeest accomplishment so far is "surviving" against the odds.

My mission is to help find and awaken the rest of the "lost generations" to the fact that they are not broken, they are wanted, they are loved, and needed to help
awaken the rest of the world to the attrocities faced by those who have been used and abused.

I wish that neurotypicals could understand the immense struggle and hurdles those that are divergent face, in all aspects of life. They can be just as "context blind"
as us. (And they most often are)

I would just like to say to those who are autistic: never give up trying to reach out, but don't lose yourself trying to please others. Love yourself enough, you can't pour
from an empty cup.

I've always known I was different, by 12 I was suffering from OCD and body dysmorphia using bulimia to cope. I never could quite seem to fit in. Very, very, few friends.
But it wasn't until watching my own kids suffer and be mislabeled that I started googling strange pattern of behaviors that I reckonized were common between myself and them.
There's NO question, were just autistic. 🙂

Asperger's wasn't in the DSM until I was a freshman in highschool. By that time, I was a master public masker, and could hold onto my meltdowns until I got
home, where I let loose and took it out on those around me. Even though it wasn't the most supportive environment, my family was all I had and whom I knew couldn't make
me leave. I trusted them.

Lack of awareness of how diverse the divergent population is, medical professionals need to keep up with their committment to treat by staying current and relevant
in this age of enlightenment.