Saturday, April 20, 2019

I had a mini collaboration with a blog called Aut-Ish

Where we interviewed one another in order to help promote both our blogs.

Here’s me interviewing Aut-Ish. Their blog is about their autistic journey as well as highlighting autism in pop culture.

-What made you start your project?

I started Aut-ish not long after I finished my University final Project “Autistic Ways of Gender” ( I've enjoyed researching about autism and incorporating elements into my photographic works not long after my diagnosis. My final project enabled me to find more autistic connections, and during the project, I thought of starting a blog with my own thoughts and experiences. I also asked a few autistic advocates whilst interviewing them about my interest in making a blog, and maybe in time, a podcast.

-How did you feel when you first received your diagnosis vs now?

I felt relieved when I got my diagnosis. It was at first, anti climatic because I got told via my psychiatrist and I wasn't sure that I was actually diagnosed until I got told via a psychologist I was seeing at the time. It made sense, and having a label helps me to explain to people about my "difficulties". I was unsure of my difficulties in the past as they were usually very vague, labels such as “ Special needs” were used.

-Any particular bright color you like to wear? (My fav color is neon lime green & I use that in accessories. But I dislike orange clothes & accessories) why that/those colors?

Tie Dye stuff makes me happy. Even colourful flannel shirts! It's been my thing for a year or so now. I look like I'm stuck in the 90's! Blue is my favourite colour but these days I like to be colourful. Anything tie dye is in. Blue, to me shows both a sombre and a happy element. That represents me in a nutshell. Blue can be in the dark yet it's also on a sunny day. It's so versatile.

-What makes you decide to wear bright clothes vs black & baggy clothes for the day? (I love black & grey clothes as I like to go unnoticed. Plus black is easy to accessorize other colors with. I never met anyone else like this. Maybe it’s an autism thing?)

Most of the time when I'm not doing anything productive, Baggy clothes is a must. I feel comfortable wearing them and I prefer the baggy look that contrasts my slim build. Black is such a good colour for it. I usually just wear blue, grey or black if I just want to wear clothes and not care what it looks like. I usually wear colourful clothes when I’m going out, when I need to make more of an effort.

-Did Not having the diagnosis for a long time make more things more difficult & how so?

I've been told I've had various problems without further review or evidence. It was always vague. It was only around 2015 where I decided to check things up for myself and find out various diagnoses for myself (one being Autism). It was hard to tell people what I had, and I had to refer them to someone else who supposedly knew.

-What signs or signals did you or others see that had people suspect you were on the spectrum?

Someone close to me said I was a "walking textbook". They were recently diagnosed and I trust their opinion more than most people so I decided to check it out. Before I got diagnosed, I got given an autism questionnaire when I was assessed for my learning difficulties. The results said that it’s possible that I’m autistic, and I used this form and my assessment paperwork as proof for my psychiatrist. Other people usually saw me as “weird”.

-What would you like to come out of your project?

I like to hope that my opinions reach out to more people and we have a better exposure on autistic people. I also want to show that we bloggers/advocates all have different experiences.

-What in your opinion is the advantages & disadvantages in the autism community?

Like any community. The positives are that most of us can understand each other. We all try and help each other out.

Disadvantages is that people forget that all autistics are different, and not all of us are going to get along. I see both NT's and Autistics bickering about what ND (Neurodivergent) is. There's also been discourse on what is autism. I worry about this because it prevents us from fighting bigger causes such as problematic celebrities, family figures and certain charities.

-Whats something you wish neurotypicals (those with not autism others) knew about autism?

That we are not all Rainman/Temple Grandin. Some of us may struggle all our lives, others can find ways to cope. We are all are different. Autism can be difficult or a blessing. It depends on the person. We are all different. Some of us do need labels. It would be nice if NT’s can be more understanding.

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