Saturday, April 20, 2019

i'm 17, born in australia and raised in oklahoma

my biggest acomplishment is probably graduating almost two years (three semesters/year and half) early (from high-school)

I want the general public to know we aren't broken, we dont need or want to pretend to be neurotypical. We are happy how we are and if you take away autism you take away who we are.

I think being able to hear other autistic folks stories, and having an accepting community has been the most helpful. More than any therapy.

I want others who are autistic to know you are not broken. Listen to yourself, learn about yourself. Find a good supportive community. Be yourself.

my diagnosis story is rather interesting in my opinon. My mum is an OT so i've grown up around a lot of autistic folks. Mum always thought I was autistic but I didn't reccive a diagnosis until I sought one out during high-school. My mum informally diagnosed me as autistic in summer of 2016 and I reccived my formal diagnosis in winter of 2017.

Some of my unique traits that I showed were /are Motor delays, struggling with social skill, I stimmed a lot, biting was my main one. I used to bite up my hands a lot.

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