Monday, May 20, 2019

2/2/19 Happiness is measured differently

Conversation I had with a caregiver today 

Caregiver: You have 3 college degrees & have Autism? Not fair. But what is life? 

Me: i don’t think so, I don’t see my autism as a bad thing. I see my autism as a strength, I got to lead the way for several doctors to learn more about autism. I got to educate many autism specialists about autism. I get to see the world in a different light than most people. 

I have had many opportunities that people who are not autistic would not ever be able to do. 

As for my degrees, I have had many opportunities to learn more about life & be able to use the knowledge I learned from it in order to combat the system in ways that would make change. 

I have a bachelors degree in psychology, a bachelors degree in Social work & a Master’s degree in social work. I now understand the system, and I am more aware of how to make waves in the system.

Caregiver: Good for you. My 37 year old will never be able to take care of himself. He has never had a single friend. Autism is not a gift to him. Anyone can be diagnosed with autism. It’s not right. Some people should not have that diagnosis. 

Me: is he happy? Sometimes we see people’s worth simply by accomplishments as how valuable they are, how productive they can be. But isn’t the purpose to challenge ones self in order to not only grow with wisdom & strength but also for happiness? The journey we take as well as the destination is to be happy & achieve happiness in itself- otherwise, why bother? One should measure success by happiness & not by college degrees, marriage, good job & etc. Your son is nor better nor worse than me with his lack of college degrees as long as he is happy with his life & himself.

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