Sunday, May 5, 2019

I am 20, from Queensland, Australia)

I am an early childhood educator - I’m happy but I find working 38 hours/week very overwhelming
That I play piano & sing - I haven’t performed in front of anyone in years so it’s just not something I speak about often, it’s just for me I guess
My biggest accomplishment is Surviving this far. I didn’t think I would!
I want to be stronger and be more resilient
I wish those who were not autistic were more Understanding of the spectrum better. I wish people understood it’s not just rocking back and forth and routines, it’s so much more complex and presents in so many ways.
resources that really helped me- medication has helped a lot, yoga, seeing a psychologist.
Funny story about me- am extremely clumsy - I’m also a clutz with well below average fine motor skills. On a first date once, I accidentally through a piece of pumpkin several metres on my fork because I just lost control of it. The date didn’t notice but I burst into laughter and couldn’t control it for several minutes
I want to tell those who are also autisitic: Laugh at your weirdness more, and people will laugh WITH you. If normalises it for you & for the others around you.
Signs that showed I was autistic- rocking back and forth when I’m distressed, the panic attacks, stuttering when anxious, bouncing my knee constantly, can’t sit still, concentration difficulties, OCD symptoms such as shower items in a certain order and all on the same angle, eat the same breakfast every day, lots and lots of little things that add up!

I never suspected I had autism until my psych told me and explained it, and suddenly all my little “quirks” made sense. It felt like I finally understood myself. I’m more okay and open than I was then, I have it more under control as I understand myself better

having a late diagonsis was difficult- I grew up just thinking I was awkward and weird because I never understood social cues, but at the time I just felt really out of place. I was diagnosed at 16 and suddenly it all made sense.
I have faced a lot, from struggling through school to struggling to connect with other people. I dropped out at age 16 to go to a tafe college and study to work with children, who I understand a lot better and they make me really happy.

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