Monday, May 20, 2019

I was diagnosed when I was 30 with autism and adhd.
I was happy because when I was young I was so different to other kids I would spend all the time on my own I did not like crowds noise
In the class room I did not fit in I could not understand what the teacher was saying and did not like the lights and the sound of the clock and the blackboard
I was never good at PE I was very clumsy and fall over my own feet and could not see a ball when then to me if I was in trouble at home or in school.i never understood what I did wrong I got anxious worried and would hurt myself
I did not start talking until I was 7 and I was delegated in all areas In my childhood autism was not heard of At school I got badly bullied by pupils and teachers and also at home
I always liked routine if it broke I would have melt downs As an adult my sensory diet is using rompa sensory equipment and headphones for out side and I have a weighted blanket and a squeeze jacket also weighted teddy bears I also use aromatherapy oils like lavender
My adhd makes me say things that comes straight out my mouth and gets me in trouble and very hyperactive Even when my body is tired I find I don't feel pain people say you cut yourself and I don't know I did it or feel it.

I feel rain hurts me and wind hurts me. I do keep myself isolated so people won't laugh at me and I see people as monsters. I find crossing the road hard because I can't see the cars propley

I find reading and writing hard as letters jump out at me I use yellow paper to look at word

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