Thursday, May 2, 2019

-I’m 19 from IL

I just do a dish washing job. The people are great and so helpful and nice.

in my opinion my biggest accomplishment thus far is 
-Graduating high school

-I would love for a lot of different things to happen in the world . Trump impeached, anti-LGBTQ and anti-Autism organazation to not exist, stuff like that.

-I would love for NT's to know everyone’s different and that if an Aspie night stim in an “abnormal” way and that’s ok. It’s how they cope and if you have a problem with it, just keep it to yourself.

resources that I have received help like IEP’s and speech therapy and both have helped. I also am receiving help from HSS that has actually landed me a job which I am very helpful with.

I want fellow autistic to know:
So what if you have a stim that people think is weird? Embrace it! Even if you think you night be odd, it’s ok cuz everyone is odd. Autism is not a bad thing. It helped me get to where I am now and meet people I never could have met! Autism night not be a gift or a curse. It’s just who we are.

when i received my diagonsis i felt
It was like a 10 ton weight lifted off me! It was so eye opening and made so much sense!! Today
I accept my autism and I’m relieved.

not being diagnosed til I was older was very difficult. -yes! People would bully me(not saying autism was the cause), I could never get social cues and I was over sensitive and stuff like that.

-I got bullied for a long time. I had to switch schools it was so bad. I also have lost friends cuz of my autism. I’m a better person than I ever was. Being autistic is about more than stimming and brain differences. It's about acceptance of yourself and seeing the world through your own unique eyes.

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  1. Where are you in Illinois? My son is 24 and was diagnosed at age 18. We live in Montgomery, IL about 50 miles south-west of Chicago. He has lost quite a few friends since graduating from high school also. If you live near us, maybe you guys could hang out.