Sunday, May 5, 2019

I’m 21 & I am from Texas.

Right now I’m working in the church nursery. I love it!

My biggest accomplishment I would have to say is getting my first year certificate of culinary school/college

What I want to learn more about is to stop masking, and show my true colors of autism to the world.

Something I wish neurotypicals knew about autism is autism has no look.

 Something I want to tell the rest of the people on the spectrum is remove the mask & be yourself.

I’ve had no resources, I was just diagnosed late of last year in fact!

What originally made me think I was autistic was reading a picture of signs of autism in adults and having a lot of those signs I think my mom just didn’t want to believe it or want it to be true. The barriers I experienced on getting diagnosed was being female.

Signs that indicated to me that I was autistic were I’m very literal, a very picky eater, I had strange routines and rules and I hated loud noises. 

When I received my diagnosis it was a huge relief, because I know who I am now.

One of the greatest obstacles I have overcame was not being heard and believed. I got my diagnosis which proved the people wrong.

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