Monday, May 20, 2019

Random Entry from November

I was riding in a Uber on my way to work. My driver started small talk & asked me about my job. I mentioned I worked with people who are autistic.

My driver said: Oh, autistic, children? 

Me: also autistic adolescents & adults. 

Driver: There’s Autistic adolescents & adults? Really? So there’s no cure? Well that’s unfortunate. 

Me: is it unfortunate? I don’t think it is, and yes, you just don’t grow out of it. 

Driver: I just thought there was medication for it or there was some form of treatment that could get rid of it. 

Me: Do you know what autism is? 

Driver: Not really, I am a bit ignorant on the subject. 

Me: do you want to learn about it? 

Driver: Sure, we have 20 minutes. 

Me: well for starters I’m autistic.

Driver: Oh really? Did you pass high school? 

Me: I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Does that answer your question? 

Driver: Oh, I’m sorry. So What is autism exactly? 

Me: *explains how it’s brain development. Vaccines accusation is fake. Every person is unique* blah blah. He asked a bunch of other stuff & I explained it further with the amount of time I had.


I told my co-workers about it & they were shocked that I didn’t slap my driver for their rudeness. 

I thought about why I was un-phased by their blatant ignorance & why I immediately went to just educating them instead of being upset. 

The reason is, I’m used to it. I’m used to explaining to ignorant people what autism is. I’m used to being doubted & looked down upon for being autistic by people who don’t know a thing about me. That driver wasn’t the first, and they are not the last. 

I don’t blame them for being ignorant & being rude, they were clueless. Sometimes it feels like their is a million different mental disabilities that’s constantly being updated with new research. I get it, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. However, that’s no excuse to take an opportunity to teach others & to take an opportunity to learn something new

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