Monday, May 20, 2019

Random Journal Entry

At first today was like any other Monday, I called an Uber to take me to work. My Uber driver was an old man well in retirement age. We had a small chat about the recent weather & then he asked me what I did for a living. I told him I work with people who are autistic. He made a comment of something a long the lines of “that must be hard work & really exhausting.” I quickly responded with “You assume that I am working with low functioning autistic people. That’s not true at all. Not all of us are either low functioning or Modern day Rain Man.” He responded with “Oh I know, my was a wife a school teacher. We had a blind student who was also autistic. He was so great at piano & he never had a lesson. “

After his story I then responded with “Well, I’m autistic.” He looked over at me in disbelief. He then asked me a bunch of questions. One of them being “What makes you autistic? How does one be autistic?” I explained to him how my brain was developed differently but I’m just like everyone else otherwise. He then said “Well how do you know your brain is developed differently? I never felt I had anything wrong with my brain.” I laughed and said “Neither do I. I never physically felt any different than you. Could you ever feel like you were growing when you were a kid ? I didn’t.” He then looked at me confused and asked “Then how does one know their autistic?” I struggled with this question a little. I then tried to explain how I knew I was different because I see the world differently. It’s like we live in the same world but I have a small see through veil over me that I can’t take off. I interpret things differently yet I am living in the same environment with the same encounters of those who are not autistic. I know you can’t see my veil & I know others who are not autistic can’t see it. How? They tell me constantly that I’m wrong or I see everything wrong because it’s not their way. That really baffled him & confused him more.. So I tried to explain it in a more bland logical way that I have a communication barriers with others. I explained to him how I also struggle with filtering my words & I am more sensitive to sensory stuff but not all of us are like that.

I felt like he had more questions, but my destination was near & I had to point him to which building was mine. He thanked me for the intriguing conversation & told me to have a nice day.

It was a 35 minute drive but it felt longer..

-Allison Knight 

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