Friday, June 7, 2019

22, Arlington Heights, IL . Currently I work at a music store and I like it very much people would be surprised to know that I’m actually on the spectrum. It’s not something I regularly share with people, as usually it comes with negative associations where I’m from. So far I’d say my biggest accomplishment is earning my Bachelor’s Degree. One thing I would like to change about myself is that I’d literally do anything to be neurotypical. I wish that neurotypicals knew that just because my autism effects my social skills does not mean I am stupid, immature, or incompetent. My advice to fellow autistics: The world is extremely cruel towards people like us. Find a close knit bunch of friends and stay close to them. To this day, not a single soul “suspects” I’m on the spectrum. The only way people know that I’m even autistic is if I tell them. I had my own suspicions when I realized people were ignoring me when I was talking, people weren’t interested in being social with me, me struggling to contribute to conversation, etc When I first received my diagnosis I felt it was shocking. It cleared up a lot of questions I had, but it changed the way I see myself and my abilities forever. Today I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I’m glad I know, other times I absolutely despise it. I was diagnosed at age 2, but I wasn't officially told by my parents until I was 17, so I went 15 years without even knowing. Obstacles I have overcome are anything social related. Making friends, maintaining friends are the two biggest.

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