Wednesday, June 5, 2019

48, born in Geneva NY, currently live in Horseheads NY and work in Corning NY I’m a CPA (tax accountant), currently self employed, I dont like taxes (too much of a commodity because so many people prepare taxes, plus they dont help people other than fulfilling an obligation) but I like helping small business owners with their financial books Something someone might be surprised to know about me is that I do a lot of impressions, mostly of Muppets and cartoon characters. My biggest accomplishment in my opinion is professionally it would be starting my own business, but personally it is being a good dad to my son.

I’m only recently diagnosed with autism, and I want to help spread awareness and acceptance of adults with autism. I haven’t really utilized any assistance yet. But I’m also fairly high functioning and self sufficient, so I probably wont need much outside help, other than with my severe impairment in social interactions. I’ve struggled a lot with social interactions, and have always felt awkward. But it wasnt until a fellow Aspie friend of mine suggested that I might be one also that I started looking into it.
When I first received my diagnosis It was a great relief. I was about 99% convinced that I was before I sought out a professional diagnosis, but I hadn’t trusted my instincts in recent years after I severely misread a situation a few years prior. So hearing that professional confirmation felt so good to my psyche. Knowing that I’m autistic helps explain so much of my life that it’s hard to put into words just how good I feel now.

My life was very difficult prior to my diagnosis. I have battled severe depression and anxiety since puberty, largely due to struggling so much with social interactions, leading to few friendships and few relationships. But now the clouds have lifted and I truly can see things a lot clearer now, knowing there is a good reason why I’ve always felt so awkward. I’ve been on several different prescriptions for antidepressants and anti-anxiety, along with several years of counseling, but none of those helped long-term, if they helped at all. But now that I know I’m autistic, I’ve started therapy with a professional who has worked with autistic adults, so she knows the types of things that can help me, as an autistic adult. I finally have some optimism in my life!
I wish more people knew that lots of people have autism and while we have a lot of similarities, we are all different. For instance, I can be quite sarcastic, whereas a lot of autistic folks dont get sarcasm. But I struggle mightily with social interactions, like many other autistics.
I want to tell my fellow autistics: Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s something wrong with you. Autism is merely a different way of looking at the world from most others; it’s not the wrong way to see things. Lots of autistic people have made great contributions to society. We just need to spread awareness of how widespread autism really is, and that it isn’t something to be demonized like the anti-vaxxers want us to believe. We are all good people and just as worthy as any neurotypicals.

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