Sunday, June 23, 2019

I am 20 years old, born in Leicester but grew up in Derby.

I work as a support worker for young people and adults with disabilities and i love it.

Some people might be surprised to know that I'm the youngest of 4 children and I'm a twin with both of us being on the spectrum.

So far my biggest accomplishment so far is actually carrying on with my life despite loads of mental health issues and managing to stay in school/college/university as well as getting a job as no one thought it would happen. I would love to have my own charity for young people with mental health issues either in the UK or in another country.
I wish neurotypicals knew that just because you are high functioning doesn't mean that life is any easier, there are still many difficulties faced that people don't acknowledge or realise because we look 'normal'. I think one worker i had from CAMHS was the one thing that helped me, I saw her for for 4 years and I can honestly say I wouldn't be here if I didn't see her every week. My family and myself knew that i was different from others, i always did things in a particular way due to my OCD as well, i struggled making friends in school and still do now, I am very literal and 'brutally honest' as my mum puts it. But no one realised my autism until late on in school when i was in a psychiatric unit where they picked it up.

When i received my diagnosis I was happy that i knew why i was different to everyone but i also hated it as i was desperate to be like everyone and wanted to be the same and i didn't accept my diagnosis.Not having a diagnosis until the age of 15 was harder as school labelled me as disruptive although despite my problems at school i was a high achiever. If anyone noticed i may have recieved helped before going into a psychiatric unit for 4 months and multiple suicide attempts/hospital visits for self harm etc. If i was diagnosed early i would have recieved the help before my mental health became unmanagable to the point where i wasn't in school for months. My main obsticle has been my feelings towards my diagnosis as i still do not accept it and would still get rid of it if i could to be more normal. I have been having counselling for a while now and im starting to accept myself more and manage myself more so obsticles are becoming less.

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