Friday, June 7, 2019

I'm 54 and I was diagnosed at 52

I'm from Carnforth, but I was born in Manchester and I moved around the country as a child, so it's a bit of a difficult question

I'm an accountant. I enjoy the work but get anxious a lot so I can't say I look forward to going to work all the time.

People would be surprise to know that: I did zoology at university, that was my passion but I couldn't get a job in that field so I had to leave that behind.

In my opinion my biggest achievement is having two lovely boys (both aspies), although that's not just my achievement - they contributed greatly to where we three are now.

One thing I would want to change about the world or myself is I want our priorities to change. Happiness should be the aim and sustainability, not GDP and money.

I wish neurotypicals knew how wide the range of autism is. And that everyone (including us) were more inclusive.

Something I want fellow tribe members on the spectrum is everyone has their own problems. Normal is a Hollywood story and I've never met anyone who fits that definition. Keep working on yourself and looking after yourself so you can do the best you can with what you have.

I haven't had any resources because I was diagnosed 2 years ago, there is no help for people at my age except what you do for yourself.

I went for diagnosis after getting my eldest son diagnosed as so many of the questions seemed to relate to me. I suspect there is a lot of autistics in my family so I wasn't picked up as more than shy. Even though I went for the diagnosis, I was actually surprised to be diagnosed. I still wonder if they got it wrong sometimes and then I'll look at my lack of friends and limited social battery. It's hard to was a relief to be able to stop beating myself up for things I can't help, that was good. And I now feel ok saying no to big gatherings.

Today how I feel about my autism: I don't think I've settled yet.

I wonder if I'd know who I am or who I would be if I'd been diagnosed earlier, I change depending on where I am and who I'm with and I'm tired all the time.

Obstacles I have overcame: I've had one major nervous breakdown, a few periods of depression, two toxic relationships and I'm still here. I think I'm stubborn and I love learning so I'm always looking for answers

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