Wednesday, August 21, 2019

23, Kentucky I am a masters student in special education. Professionally I have been contracted as an actor, public speaker, peer mentor, and mental health worker.
Something people would be surprised to know about me is that I am trans masculine
My biggest accomplishment thus far in my opinion is, Coming up from being in foster care with no money (living in a house with a bunch of guys ) to finishing my degree, putting myself through school, paying for my own education, food and housing all on my own. Now I am working on my masters and still completely self supportive
I want to promote autistic acceptance. My goal is to open a theatre school open to autistics and people with other disabilities.
I wish those who were not autistic knew about autism is that what you see on the outside isn’t the same as whats going on on the inside.

I wish those that are autistic to know that You are not alone, it may seem like people don’t understand you, but you can continue to just be you, because there is nothing wrong with that.

My biggest resource for me has been a supportive community of like minded people.
Signs that indicated I was on the spectrum were Social cues and awkward tendencies. A lack of boundaries. Confusion with social norms. I worked with autistic kids and I saw a lot myself in them.
When I first received my diagnosis I felt it was comforting. Like everything made sense. I was diagnosed a year ago, by the way. Life was difficult not having a diagnosis til much later in life because I thought something was wrong with me or I was weird for 22 years until diagnosis. I wasnt diagnosed until much later in life because I had other medical and social issues during childhood. Also, getting a diagnosis is a costly thing to do.

Obstacles I have overcame was a lot (abuse, foster care, coming out as trans, family problems, etc.) Just keep pushing through.

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