Sunday, September 8, 2019

25 years old and in New Jersey Right now I am job hunting. I write articles and manage the website for The Empathetic Aspie. I love writing articles to help others. How I want to change the world: I would like to inspire people to be kinder for each other.
I wish that those who are not autistic knew about autism is that they would be more understanding about how sensitive we can be to stimulation. Resources that have helped me: I was fortunate to have a combination of resources. I had speech therapy and worked closely with my schools counselor on improving my organization skills. In college a class note taker was the best resource because I was able to see what I missed in class. I want to tell further autistic people: To everyone reading this, remember to be kind to yourself. This is advice that I am struggling to follow myself. This mindset can help separate small, human mistakes from larger one. Most importantly I am also happier with who I am than ever before. When I first learned about my diagnosis. The first emotion I felt was relief. So much weight was off my shoulders when I learned that there were others that shared my struggles. It did take a few years to understand how to accept my diagnosis in a healthy way.
Today: I am more confident in myself as a person compared to when I first learned about my diagnosis. I realized that my identity does not start or end at my diagnosis but it is an important part in me. It creates challenged but it also allows me to see the world in my own unique way.

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