Sunday, September 8, 2019

I am 21 and live in Blanchardstown Dublin Ireland I just finished being a college student and currently looking for work I want to become an EMT one day and training to become one (in case anyone wondering, they work on ambulances just like paramedics do) My biggest accomplishment thus far is probably being able to finish college at all as I have had some rough times
Sometimes I don’t get my friends/family jokes yet sometimes something simple has me in stitches laughing.
How I would change the world: I wished the world saw hidden disability with the same regard as physical ones I wish those who were not autistic knew that we are not all the same, autism affects differently to each person . I hate when were bunched together under one stereotype, we’re different and proud to be

I want to tell other autistics: You are amazing, whether your verbal or not you are amazing. People will be in awe of your talent whatever it may be and nobody can change you, your special and you have people who love and care for you
Resources that have helped me: When I was in school I got like extra classes for certain subjects and these helped me greatly as it helped me to take in the subject in a way I could understand and not be judged for Signs that indicated I was on the spectrum: My mother heard about it in her old workplace and she thought about it as she told people I was socially awkward and how I acted strangely at times (stimming), so she decided to research it When i first received my diagnosis: I’ll be honest, I was diagnosed and fourteen and in third year at school. I didn’t handle it well, I got told by my mother coming in the door one day and it felt like my world shattered. I felt like a freak, I didn’t know what aspergers or autism was. I was depressed for five months and it got so bad, I was tempted to take my own life twice in the kitchen during lunch break when I’d make sure nobody would find me in time, thankfully I never went through with my dark plans and I’m still alive today Now? I feel like it was the missing puzzle piece for most of my life. My childhood makes so much sense now and I’m happy I was diagnosed with it Struggles of being diagnosed much later: as a kid I was constantly picked on and bullied cause I didn’t act like them or socialized much. They’d made fun of me if I jumped If like a balloon popped or something like that I’ve faced a lot in my life, I was born with epilepsy and was cured by age 7 (yes I know some people are born and stay like that). I broke my femur when I was 8 so I was in a wheelchair for 9 months and took two years for me to learn how to properly learn how to walk again. Depressed at 14 as I have previously stated. Even though I’m 21 I’ve been to therapy three times for mental health problems and I’ve learned that speaking up about it makes the weight on your shoulders ease off a bit

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