Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I didn't realize I was on the spectrum until after my children were diagnosed. But looking back the signs from my childhood are so evident. I would never have been diagnosed as a child for a few reasons. 1 I was born in 1980 and ASD was not something that was even talked about then in mainstream society. And 2 I am female so my masking abilities are pretty decent.
Presently my issue is time and money with regards to being formally diagnosed. Although I am determined to seek said diagnosis as soon as I am able.
As for work, I am a Job Developer. I work with people who have criminal convictions and help them find employment. I absolutely love what I do. Any job that I can look at as a puzzle is intriguing to me. In my case I have to take into account a host of different factors with my clients and then try to find them the perfect job for their situation. Previous to this I worked as a recruiter in staffing and that worked very much the same way in that I viewed it as a puzzle.
Most people would be surprised to know that I am both Autistic and have multiple physical disabilities as all of my conditions fall under the invisible category.
As for obstacles, my whole life has been a series of obstacles that I have had to overcome. Perseverance and grit are probably the only reasons I'm still here to tell the tales.

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