Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I'm 18 and from Romania.
I'm a student, I enjoy it very much.
People would be surprised to know that: I write poetry with great ease, and I'm really deep 4

In my opinion my biggest accomplishment thus far is having written the lyrics and vocal melody to a conceptual 5-song EP that I'm going to release, so help me God.
How I want to change the world: I want to teach and help those with autism find their happiest selves.
I want those who are not on the spectrum to know about autism is that:
You can't cure it. It doesn't disappear after childhood. Us auties are not possessed or heartless zombies who are only good at one thing and one thing alone. We're human. We feel things. Even the nonverbals.
Resources that have helped me: Having a therapist and taking psychiatric medication have both helped me greatly with the frequency and intensity of my meltdowns.
What I want to tell fellow autistics: To my fellow autistics, improvise, adapt, overcome. That is, do what I did. Improvise in situations you feel stuck. Adapt to the surroundings. Overcome the negative aspects of your life and shine, shine, shine!
Signs/symptoms that Indicated I was on the spectrum: The usual - trouble with eye contact, stimming, hating crowds (I like small groups, but not crowds, but not being alone) but at the same time being overly chatty, having a tendency to receive insults VERY poorly (meltdowns and hitting at times, but I overcame that)
I was first diagnosed... Now! At 16. Two years ago I felt a slight relief. I felt that I was not the bad guy. Now I feel the same relief with slight insecurity which at the time was severe.
My dad and mum both teach at my school and so they made sure the teachers were kind around me. If anything it made it less difficult because in Romanian saying you have autism is akin to saying you have the plague.

I have often faced the fear of feeling inferior because I was different. I also melted down a lot. The meltdowns went away with medicine. That fear went away with surprisingly kind classmates, kind teachers, a school counselor, prayer (I believe in God by the way), a good priest to counsel me... A whole lot of people diminished the fear, though I still have it at times. I feel misunderstood and I can cling to people like a thistle if those people are dear to me. But people kill me, people bring me back to life. I became aware of my anxiety and so that'll help a lot.

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