Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I'm 21 from Idaho and I love being in Idaho it's a pretty great community. People often times are surprised when they find out that I have had points in my life were I've been nonverbal. My biggest accomplishment I feel so far is my Instagram page were I advocate for both autism and Dyspraxia. I want to try to help other autistics young or grown to feel accepted and less alone. I wish Neurotypicals knew what it's like to be constantly trying to be like them out of fear of being rejected and I wish they knew how much it hurts when organizations try to cure us or force us to be "less Autistic". Growing up my mother didn't get many recourses for me and I didn't get a diagnosis till I was 20. Recourses I use today are things like talk therapies for my mental health. My biggest thing I want to share with other autistics is that they are not alone and that it's ok to be different and to be them selves. I was a little surprised when I received my diagnosis but it was also freeing for me and I was no longer ashamed of the "quirks" I had. Not being diagnosed when I was young made a lot of things hard for me especially school. Highschool was one of the hardest things my Dyspraxia made it so I couldn't really write and I was nonverbal through out most of it. Teachers and other students bullied me and it was hard. My mother helped me in many ways to overcome a lot of that and I realize that I'm lucky I had a loving mother there to help me. I believe being autistic is part of what makes me , me and my mother has always been supportive of that for me and my other autistic siblings.

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