Monday, November 4, 2019

Anrisa Ryn

Anrisa Ryn
Cleveland, Ohio, US

I will be moving to Nashville, Tennessee soon. I work at tech support for Spectrum Internet. It's alright, I make some decent money now.

Something someone might be surprised to know about me is: I’m particularly smart even if I don’t seem that way because I’m so forgetful. I pick up on objective information very quickly! Like I remember my ex's home address and the college major of one of my former high school classmates.

My biggest accomplishment thus far is: Admitting that I might actually be good at writing! I self-published two novels and currently writing a third about an autistic woman. You can see my books here!

How I want to change the world? Simple. I want to have more people create found families. I want it to be normal to have a house with people you aren’t romantically involved with that aren’t blood-related. I want us to all live within loving communities!

I wish more people were aware of autism. People don't realize that they already know autistic people, through tropes and real life – for example, the eccentric professor – but also that no two people are the same.

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