Monday, November 4, 2019

32 from Ohio (cleveland area) but will be moving to Nashville TN soon) I work at tech support for Spectrum internet. It's alright. I actually make decent money now. something someone might be surprised to know about me is: Im really smart even if i seem not smart since im so forgetful. I pick up on objective information VERY fast. Like I remember my ex's home address and the college major of one of my former hs classmates

My biggest accomplishment thus far is: Admitting that I might actually be good at writing and then writing three novels, and self published two more and currently writing a third ABOUT an autistic woman

How I want to change the world? Simple. I want to have more people create found families. I want it to be normal to have a house with people you arent romantically involved with that arent blood related. i want us to all live in loving communities!

I wish more people were aware of autism. People don't realize that they already know autistic people. For example, the excentric professor trope is an autistic person. But no every autisic person is the same.

Here is where you can check out my books:

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