Thursday, November 28, 2019

Editing Policy & Interview Tips

About the Editor

Danielle Ryer, editor of UVoA

I edit your story for conciseness and professionality. I work on sentence and grammatical structure, paragraph formatting, and spelling. Your message will not be changed: I am not editing any of your authenticity, by no means. Your voice is your voice - we won't censor something we disagree with.

This site is a work in progress as far as editing goes, and new profiles are added frequently, and are sometimes posted sooner than I can keep up with, so it may be several months before I have a chance to edit your article.

I f you are interested in professional editing services, feel free to reach out.

Tips for completing the interview:

1) Don't spoil the mystery! Just give us a glimpse of who you are, and prioritize the most important things people should know about you, your conditions, and your life.
2) Keep in mind you're writing for an audience that might have a short attention span, and for accessibility reasons, it should be limited to about 875 words, but can be shorter (quality over quantity!). If it's longer than that, consider what you most want to say, summarize it, or provide links to other pages with further information about you or things you've created.
3) You can skip questions, especially if there's nothing you want to or can say about a topic.
4) Please be conscious of ambiguous grammar/spelling, so our editors don't get confused.

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