Monday, November 4, 2019

I'm 31 and from the UK I was born in southeast London I now live in Cornwall

I'm a full time career to one of my disabled children and I love it.

People would be surprised to know that I'm autistic and ADHD but seriously most people would be surprised.

My children are my biggest accomplishment or the fact I got kicked out at 15 and everyone expected me to end up in prison or worse

I don't want to change me it's the world who needs to change be more accepting and less judgmental

I wish those who were not autistic understand that it most likely genetic I'm not selfish or weird and that not everyone has autism a little bit.

I want to tell fellow autistics: it doesn't matter what age your diagnosed. I was 31 so this year. Don't ever think it's to late because it's not! it helps put things into perspective or why things are the way they are! just do it! don't be afraid!

Funny story about me: When I first started dating my husband at 17 I got that drunk the night before & I wet the bed . I flipped the mattress and forgot all about it and invited my now husband over for dinner to my hostel.. I told him to sit down he said "oooo why is the bed wet?" I quickly said "oooo a cat must of snuck in through my window and wee'd on the bed!" not sure if he believed me but he said okay........ I told him what happened few years later he laughed and said "I thought that was it but didn't want to say anything to u"...

When I was first diagnosed I felt relieved and joy and anger all at the same time as I should of been helped growing up from my parents and school not chucked out and just called weird and rude.

I did not get the help I needed in school was put in the bottom groups for everything got kicked out at 15/16 due to being a naughty awful child who didn't want to listen supposedly then got no help from social services was placed in a council bed and breakfast (legally not allowed to stick anyone under 18 in these ) I did not know this then I couldn't afford rent didn't have a proper Job so was made homeless again ended up in national offenders hostels (I wasn't a offender and had not been to jail) I was just left to rot basically my mental health is a bit more messed up thanks to all that and those horrid places I lived the people I met.

I have overcame a lot of battles in my life. I had to learn to cook clean all at 15 years old. somehow feed myself with no money to pay rent or anything! which I learned in the end being attacked amongst other horrid stuff but I over came it all because I never wanted to be stuck in that life. I attended Prince's Trust Course was one in particular and met my now husband at age 17 (I'm 31). We have five kids all have special needs but we cope somehow. I'm happy although I am a mental mess most days but we get by with my husband's help.


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