Monday, November 25, 2019

Anonymous 6


Age 34
Anaheim, CA, US

I am a business owner that helps people master themselves and their energy so that they can live the lives they want, and leave the world after creating a positive impact. I absolutely adore what I do!

People would be surprised to know that I can’t ride a bike or perform “normal” things people do, but I am also able to experience the vibrations. Vibrations of sound, to see other dimensions, realms, and much more. 😉

In my opinion, the biggest accomplishment thus far is being asked to consult on two biomed research projects, as well as on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) 4, 5, and upcoming 6.

Every day I try to change myself into a less rigid, more loving version of myself. Whether or not I succeed every day is arguable, but I try. Because of my energy, I do lots of energy healing daily. With hate and ignorance as the global norm, I argue that we have a pollution of “bad vibes” in this world…that’s a gentle understatement.

Working with mothers, I am helping spiritually gifted children retain their natural abilities and help these little healers come into their own, as well as the adults who pay me to work with them.

My biomed projects are a huge love of mine, but so is the outreach I do for non-substance addicts in nearly 100 centers around the globe. I teach local classes for victims of domestic violence to get themselves and their lives back. I also volunteer at church charities with my grandfather; though I’m not religious, I enjoy helping the church help others, as long as there’s no bible-thumping involved. I enjoy assisting at food and clothes drives, delivering food for homebound elders, and help to heal at centers for elders, and vets.

I come from a family with two serial killers in it so I have always felt this strange responsibility to balance all the bad karma in the bloodline by volunteering like a fiend.

I wish neurotypicals knew that most of your heroes are surely autistic… Jesus Christ. Leonardo DaVinci. Marie Curie. Nikola Tesla. There’s no way in hell any of The Philosophers were neurotypical. A vast majority of the greatest minds of any time period have been autistic. We’re normally GENIUS smart, can sing very well, and are excellent leaders because we don’t care much about “normal.”

Occupational therapy helped me a ton, mostly because the team I had really knew their stuff. Thy taught me the value of the Ego to the NT and the ways we can accidentally bruise it, which has made socializing much easier. I was  also trained in various conversation styles and can mimic most of them well.

My advice to anyone else on the spectrum? Do you. Yeah, some people aren’t gonna like it. That’s fine, they’re not your people. Your people will love you just as you are, pinkie promise!

Funny story about me… oh my, there’s many. In my house, we’re Cuban, so we don’t really do the Santa thing like traditional Americans. Meaning it wasn’t until first grade when we started “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” that my world shattered.

Wait. You’re telling me some stranger danger old dude WATCHES ME SLEEP every night and he stalks me while I’m awake, he sees that too, AND THEN HE BREAKS INTO THE HOUSE!?!?!?!? My six-year-old self began bawling in fear and couldn’t speak. I was sent to sit with the principal, Mrs. H., to be consoled. I adore Mrs. H. to this day, she’s such a kind woman! Years later, they both told me they never thought of Santa as creepy until the day I had a meltdown about it, which still cracks them up.

Years later, my teacher told me she had the hardest time ever trying not to laugh.

The next year we had catechism class, so we had to learn to treat the Eucharist correctly. In the Catholic mythos I was raised with, once an incantation is said by the priest, the bread and wine become the ACTUAL body and blood of Jesus. Well…there was more crying that cracked the adults up. Although I didn’t know what cannibalism was yet, I refused to eat a person, ESPECIALLY JESUS. Eventually I got an honorary pass because they never could get me to cave on the cannibalism.

Signs that indicated that I was on the spectrum? Now that I’m older I’m like “Well, being so literal about both Christmas and catechism was kind of a biggie…” Also, I was a little adult as a child. By age two I was reading, by age four I was teaching myself Latin and English, never wanted to play with kids, as I was just happy in either intellectual conversation or a book. Very spiritually connected, I had more unseen friends than human ones. I connected with almost no one, and I hated talking. Still do…

My family was just like, “You were easy, we basically just had to make sure to have books and food available to you, and you were content.” I went deaf for almost a year and they didn’t notice because of how little I socialized to begin with! LOL.

When I first received my diagnosis, it felt like taking off a push-up bra after a long stint in it. SUCH A RELIEF. Finally free to be me, let my wounds heal, finally blossom!

Today I feel: Not much different, but I do have some guilt. I used to do walks to TACA trying to help but now I’m like, “WTF was I thinking!?” Seriously, take anything from their campaigns and replace it with “Judaism” or “Blackism” and see how messed up it sounds! "Talk About Curing Judaism" ummm....I think someone did, I believe his name was Adolf Hitler. "Talk about Curing Blackism" Well hello, Jim Crowe! Did you bring the rope? I feel some guilt now about the efforts I put towards helping these organizations with their research or “cures.”

Otherwise? I feel braless.

I didn’t realize I was on the spectrum until much later in life, and I am actually a bit glad because I had to just learn how to deal which gave me a thicker skin. It also made me much more resourceful, and a good source for information for those trying to understand autism.

Obstacles I have overcome: My mental and physical health has been terrible for a good portion of my life, thanks to intense abuse, suicidality, my relationships, and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 25. The only thing that’s helped me actually get better is all the psych, energy, biohacking knowledge I now teach.

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