Monday, November 25, 2019

Jayne Dragon

Jayne Dragon

What made me originally suspect that I was on the spectrum was when I started looking at aspects of myself. A few of those things include how I relate to dyscalculia, PDA and genderfluidity.

I wasn’t diagnosed when I was younger because I was a quiet, shy girl and women and girls still struggle to obtain a diagnosis now. The teachers in the 1980s didn’t know to look for it in girls. I didn’t face any barriers in getting a diagnosis as an adult, it’s just taking a while. I feel frustration at how diagnosis still centers on childhood. I still have one final appointment.

I want to be warm. I can't think when I'm cold. I have a lot of problems with winter and being unemployed. I feel that we all deserve homes not just a place you have to live We can so much better if we are released from small burdens like washing up or cleaning. I would love a home, I am currently living in a flat. I want a safe place that can't be taken away and can be non-triggering.

If anyone is curious to know any adult autistics that want to be involved in any testing, I may be interested in finding out more. Feel free to contact me through Facebook.

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