Tuesday, February 25, 2020

22, Fayetteville AR I currently am trying to start a dog training business. I also train service dogs. I think i will really like when it picks up, right now i don't have many clients so it is stressful. I went to college for environmental studies, i lack one semester. I had to take medical leave because of a meltdown
Most people would be surprised to know that i am autistic just not stereotypical male autistic. I am also extremely dyslexic. I am unsure what my biggest accomplishment is . I'm proud that i went to a great college, but i haven't finished to i don't consider it an accomplishment. I'm proud that i trained my own service dog, but i don't consider it an accomplishment because i find training dogs easy and straight forward. One thing I would like to change about myself: I want to get a handle on my anxiety, it has been really bad since i received 2 concussions from playing volleyball. I wish those who are not autistic knew that girl autism is different, and you need to believe that I have it.

My therapist has diagnosed me, but since she isn't a psychologist it is not professional. I have an appointment to get it on my medical records. I was not diagnosed by my therapist until after i took medical leave from college. However from my dyslexia i had a note taker and when it was a good note taker it was great. It also was just extremely beneficial to get the teacher power points a few days before the class and i would also print them out and take notes right on the slides.
Since i was about 15 years old I have really considered being on the spectrum, even before I knew female autism was different. My adverse to textures and not ever being able to make friends were my first clues. Since getting my diagnosis by my therapist, I feel a lot of things from childhood and now made a lot more sense. I don't know if not having a diagnosis til much later made my life more difficult, because a diagnosis didn't change how hard things are. It changed how i look at it. It does let me understand why things are hard and not be so hard on my self. I wasn't diagnosed as a child because I'm a girl who masked well and would get spankings for doing things that called attention to me in public. Like meltdowns so I learned to hold it in which caused anxiety at a young age.

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