Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I am 25 years old, and I'm from Paraná, Brazil.

Currently only a househusband, but I'll start a job as a lab assistant in January 2020. I really like taking care of the house, actually cooking and baking are two of my favorite pass times!

Most of my accomplishments are just ideas I haven't put to work yet, but I'm really proud of my ability to learn things really quickly on my own, even outside of my SIs

I want those who are not autistic to know:  There is more than one kind of empathy and most of us are actually more empathetic than the average non-autistic.

I want those who are autistic to know: You can do way more than you think you can, but even then try not to overdo yourself. I know these two advices can sound contradictory, but I think it's important to learn your limits.

Resources that really helped me have been Half-period jobs for disabled folks, because, y'know, executive dysfunction.

Signs that indicated I am autistic, are numerous. I had a really delayed motor function development, it's still kind of bad even to this day to b honest. SPD was always strong. I always had trouble socializing and always preferred to be on my own, reading and learning.

How did I feel about being first diagnosed as autistic? I was actually researching a little bit on the subject before the official diagnosis, so it wasn't really too much of a surprise, since I kind of already knew.

Today I feel happy knowing about my diagnosis of autism. My life is easier now that I know my limits, or at least an explanation for them.

Not being diagnosed with autism until adulthood was very difficult for me. Sometimes I think all the bullying and out-casting I got would be avoided if people knew, Maybe I could have gotten help for my troubles sooner. Who knows for sure, though. Back when I was in the youth group of my local Catholic church, quite a few of my peers made it implicit that my traits were maybe signs of a demon possession or something. Never said directly, only indirectly through hints.

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